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Carlos Camargo, Happy and Unbound: Make Time Best Ally.

Happy and Unbound: Make Time Best Ally is now available in English.

The book’s prologue is by the Univision presenter, Chiquinquirá Delgado describes the book as, “an exciting journey through the author’s career of more than 38 years in the media. And within the 200 pages that make up this work, Carlos Camargo gives his readers fresh, dynamic and above all genuine recommendations, to put aside anxiety and solve work demands without losing the joy of living.

His career as a journalist, producer and public relations specialist seasons each page of this book with anecdotes that reveal the exciting world of communications from an intimate and sincere approach to journalism. Thus, revealing some media intricacies and from his own experience with top artists, Camargo details how it is possible for him to do so many tasks, take advantage of time and enjoy life to the fullest. Carlos Camargo, is one of the most recognized Latin personalities of Hispanic show business in the United States, and although he has many job responsibilities, his priority is to give rise to his great passions: to know special places and enjoy the simplest things in life; no pressure: His keys to achieving it are delivered in these pages full of years of experience, illusions and proven advice to be much more productive and happy.”

Now available in English

About the Author

Carlos Camargo was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1967. He was trained as a journalist from an early age is perseverance and childhood dream of becoming an entertainment reporter led him to Bloque de Armas (1984).

Soon after joining Bloque de Armas, Camargo joined the team of entertainment, showbiz and lifestyle magazines of the Bloque de Armas, distinguishing himself ing himself as a proactive and dynamic journalist.

Carlos also was the editorial producer  for El Nacional and began taking  his first steps as an artistic representative. Over the years Carlos has worked closely with ,  stars such as Celia Cruz, Shakira, J Balvin, Olga Tañón, Luis Enrique, Romeo Santos, Franco De Vita, Rummy Olivo, Luis Silva and Mariana Vega, among many others

Carlos Camargo, who has also worked as a public relations officer for organizations such as the Eurobuilding Hotel, as received awards such as Musa de Oro, Tacarigua de Oro, El Emperador, and has been recognized by organizations such as the Miranda State Government,
with the Orden Buen Comunicador Social, in its First Class, Venezuelan Business Club, Oscar de la Renta, Fundación Cultural Tocando la Fama, and the Movimiento Ser Bueno es Bueno (BeingGood is Good Movement) in Miami, among others. 

Carlos Camargo currently lives in the United States, where he directs the Notiamérica portal and Alta Esfera magazine; he edits Millenions and LatinGuia magazines in Miami. He is a columnist for El Venezolano in its Madrid, Miami and Dominican Republic versions; he is a contributor to the portals NotiExpress Color, Qué Vacilón, and is a columnist for the agency Authority, which distributes content to more than fifty media outlets in the United States in English. Carlos also the communications advisor to artists such as Oscar D’León, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Porfi Baloa, and Mandy Corrente.

When asked how he does it all?  Carlos explaineds it in this his book Happy and Unbound: Make Time Best Ally, where he shares, how his experience haves taught him how to make his dreams come true and show you that you too can achieve a life of Happiness. 

Now available in English